Coding by Mangahigh Westermann

Unlock creativity by laying a solid foundation in coding literacy

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Coding by Mangahigh Westermann

Complement your teaching of Scratch, Python, or Blockly

Our content is underpinned by computational thinking and focuses on teaching precursor coding skills such as reading code, predicting outcomes, finding bugs and comparing code.

Teach with adaptive, curriculum-aligned content

Designed for students aged 5 - 14 and tailored to international curricula such as the US Common Core.

Track progress using our intuitive platform

Our web-based teaching resource enables you to assign, assess and evaluate students, giving you the data to confidently demonstrate attainment and progression.

Increase motivation with gamification

The use of medals, badges and leaderboards ensures student motivation, making classroom time even more enjoyable.

Personalize learning with AI

With support from our AI algorithm, students are presented with tailored questions and unique learning paths to ensure they develop a strong conceptual understanding.

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Making the most out of Mangahigh Coding

No matter your time frame, Mangahigh can adapt to any classroom

Blended Learning

Use Mangahigh in the classroom with your existing unplugged resources

Traditional homework tool

Set digital activities for your students to continue their learning at home

Flipped-learning tool

Introduce new concepts at home to focus on problem-solving tasks in the classroom

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