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To help schools make optimal use of Mangahigh as a distance learning tool, we’re hosting webinars twice a day for multiple different time zones. The webinars will take you through getting Mangahigh set up and we inform you on everything you need to know to succesfully use Mangahigh for distance learning. Each webinar will be around 45 minutes long and there is an opportunity to ask questions throughout and at the end. Register for a webinar below, it’s completely free!

You don’t need a Mangahigh account to attend a webinar. However, we are offering full access to Mangahigh without cost for all COVID-19 impacted schools.

Getting Started with Distance Learning Using Mangahigh

Webinar content

Practical information such as creating teacher and student logins on Mangahigh

How to assess your student’s progress and performance during class and homework

Varying lesson plans to suit your remote teaching needs


Top tips of hosting a successful distance learning class

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