Get your students excited, engaged and excelling at math and coding!

  • Adaptive quizzes, innovative games and social competitions
  • Aligned to international curricula
  • Real-time analytics with AI support for differentiation

Transform your teaching with game-based learning

Used by thousands of students every day

Over 700 engaging activities to boost student understanding


Discover numeracy content to build the foundation skills of number knowledge.


Explore content to secure essential algebraic skills.


Shape recognition to transformations and congruence; improve spatial understanding and awareness.


Use language like “taller” through to calculating volumes of cylinders.


Represent data in simple charts through to identifying correlation.


Use language like “unlikely” through to conditional events.

A digital resource for blended learning

Use in class, for setting homework, revision and much more on any handheld device. You can even use your teacher platform to connect to your whiteboard and play activities with the whole class to explore ideas together.

  • Easy to use
  • Works on all devices
  • Class and individual teaching
  • Access 24/7
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Get insightful reports sent instantly to your platform

Simple functionality allows you to set activities and monitor the progress of the whole class or individuals. Get real-time data on the level of achievement, number of attempts, time spent and the curriculum level students are working at.

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What teachers say about Mangahigh

We’re loved by both teachers and students globally. Here’s the proof!

Linda Gutierrez

Heights Middle School, Farmington, New Mexico

Renee Hernandez

Green Elementary School, Allen, Texas

Anne Linne

Parkway Christian School, Davie, Florida

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    Get started straight away by creating temporary logins for your classes and let your students update their names to save you time. Alternatively, upload your list of students to create personalized usernames and passwords.

  3. 3. Browse the subjects and associated curricula

    Browse the national curriculum and find the teaching objective that you wish for your students to try. Set the activity to the whole class, a group within the class or to an individual. Choose a due date and whether you want the activity timed or untimed.

Gamification of learning improves student engagement

Mangahigh’s games-based learning approach leverages the buzz and excitement of rewards and competition to engage students in their learning. Students achieve medals for each activity based on their level of understanding, a Bronze medal demonstrates a basic level of comprehension, Silver and Gold medals encourage students to develop their skills in greater depth. Students can also compete with their classmates on each activity and try to get onto the top 10 leaderboard. Schools also have the chance to compete against other schools in a bilateral competition (known as a Fai-To) where every student in a school collaborates to gain as many medals as possible in an attempt to beat the other school.

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