Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce that we've been recognized in the top 10 K-12 EdTech companies globally by TIME Magazine. Discover why thousands of schools around the world trust Mangahigh for their math learning needs — try Mangahigh now and find out why TIME Magazine rates us so highly!

Get your students excited, engaged and excelling at math!

  • Adaptive quizzes, innovative games and social competitions
  • Aligned to the National Curriculum
  • Real-time analytics with AI support for differentiation
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Transform your teaching with game-based learning

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A digital resource for blended learning

Use in class, for setting homework, revision and much more on any handheld device. You can even use your teacher platform to connect to your whiteboard and play activities with the whole class to explore ideas together.

  • Easy to use
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  • Works on all devices
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Get insightful reports sent instantly to your platform

Simple functionality allows you to set activities and monitor the progress of the whole class or individuals. Get real-time data on the level of achievement, number of attempts, time spent and the curriculum level students are working at.

Over 700 engaging activities to boost student understanding

Mangahigh is trusted by over 5,000 schools globally

Mangahigh is a trusted resource for 100,000s of teachers

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What teachers say about Mangahigh

“It is easy to differentiate my instruction based on a huge base of quizzes that I can access across grade levels. My higher kids can be challenged and my lower level kids can be remediated, all within your site.“

Linda Gutierrez, Heights Middle School, Farmington, New Mexico

“I have used Mangahigh in my classroom for over 5 years. What keeps me coming back are the math games and wide range of concepts that are offered. But the best part is the fact that the kids LOVE to play it. I have students beg me to assign them Teacher Challenges! Begging for more math work? I am ok with that!!“

Renee Hernandez, Green Elementary School, Allen, Texas

“Unlike similar products we have tested, Mangahigh generates incredible enthusiasm among the students resulting in hours of instruction done both at home and on campus, initiated by the students themselves.“

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