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How can Mangahigh help my child?

Personalise their learning

Tailored AI recommended activities unique to your child's maths abilities

Get them engaged

1,000+ games, quizzes and activities that can be played on any device

Track their progress

Insightful analytics help you visualise and support your child's learning

Support their school learning

Suitable to all curricula, continue their learning from the classroom to the home


out of 10 parents would recommend using Mangahigh as a math support at home.


mins a day on Mangahigh can dramatically improve your child's math ability.


of activities that can be played on any device.


students using it every month.

What's covered?

Get your child excited, engaged and excelling at math. Mangahigh offers thousands of exciting and engaging math games to check understanding of concepts and build further depth of knowledge.

Aimed at children 5-16 years old, Mangahigh covers all math concepts such as number, algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics and probability, as well as the coding languages of Scratch, Python and Blockly.

Whether you're looking to support your child's learning, expand their knowledge, perhaps you're looking for a tool for homeschooling or preparing your child for entrance exams, Mangahigh is the perfect tool for you and your child!

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Free trial lasts for 7 days

No credit card details required for sign up

Curriculum aligned content

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