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How can Mangahigh help my child?

Mangahigh has unique features that bring the excitement of learning to your home.


Personalise their learning

Our AI platform recommends activities unique to your child's maths abilities. This means your child can achieve success by continuing to learn at their pace while still being challenged.


Track their progress

Using our realtime feedback reports you will gain insight on how your learners are performing. It shows how your child is improving and with which topics they need help so you can optimally support your child’s learning.


Get them engaged

Mangahigh contains 1,000+ maths games, quizzes and activities that can be played on any device. Our fun and engaging activities contribute to positive and educational screen time.


Support their school learning

Mangahigh fits all curricula that’s taught in the classroom. Reinforce what is being taught in school so your child gains mastery over a topic or speed ahead by playing activities on topics that are coming.


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Get your child excited, engaged and excelling at maths

Mangahigh offers thousands of exciting and engaging maths games to ensure understanding of maths concepts and build further depth of knowledge. Aimed at children of 5-16 years old, Mangahigh teaches all topics they cover in the classroom.

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You will receive a login for yourself and each registered child. All the content is aligned to the curriculum they would be following in the classroom, so it’s perfect for homeschooling or supporting them with their learning at home.

3 months

per child

Unlimited access to all activities, games and reporting features

Curriculum aligned content

Perfect for focused exam prep/revision

6 months

per child

Unlimited access to all activities, games and reporting features

Curriculum aligned content

Perfect as an extra homework resource to further your child’s knowledge

1 year

per child

Unlimited access to all activities, games and reporting features

Curriculum aligned content

Perfect as a homeschool resource – execute your own teaching with confidence


We offer family pricing for up to 5 learners. Our adaptive platform ensures each child is challenged at their level. Perfect for families or if you are a tutor. Please get in touch for a quote.

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What's covered?

Aimed at children aged 5-16 years old, Mangahigh covers all maths concepts such as number, algebra, geometry, measurement, statistics and probability, as well as the coding languages of Scratch, Python and Blockly.

With content developed by educators and teachers, homeschools can use Mangahigh to assign activities to your learners, keep track of their progress and continue to challenge them with our adaptive technology.

Mangahigh can also help as a tutor for your child. Use it to reinforce what is taught in school, prepare for exams, practice tricky concepts at home and challenge your children further.

Mangahigh provides a safe environment that provides the right level of challenge to allow your learners to achieve their best.

Start a free trial today and you'll see exactly how it can help your child!

Parents and children are saying…

  • MH encourages my children to not only enhance their skills but to also take up new challenges and attempt topics that they have never seen.

    Shannon C., US
  • When I first started playing, I wanted to use a calculator, but after playing the games I now feel more confident and don't need to. I would use it before a test to help with revision.

    Omar O., South America
  • Mangahigh has obviously been put together by educators who want to convey the meaning of maths, not just the practice. It's not perfect - this is a tough nut to crack, but it's by far the best attempt I've seen to teach kids maths at a conceptual level.

    Rob A., Australia
  • Mangahigh helped me on some of the questions I never knew how to do before. Mangahigh is a good maths site, it helps to improve on how much you know about maths.

    Holly C., US
  • I use Mangahigh to homeschool my teenage daughter because it helps her to learn and consolidate maths concepts easily. I’m sure it works for younger years too, I wish I’d found it earlier.

    Ana D., South America
  • Mangahigh was really fun and I wish I could play it more during maths.

    Ryan O'C., UK
  • My kids think the games are fun and I love that they actually teach maths principles.

    Peter S., UK
  • I wasn't very good at fractions, but now I have got the hang of it after playing Flower Power.

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