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Boost your effectiveness in the classroom today by using Mangahigh's engaging and interactive games and quizzes, all aligned with your curriculum, and leveraging personalised learning, data-driven insights, varied instructional approaches, and comprehensive teacher support and resources. Mangahigh's free teacher resources offer exceptional benefits for educators. Discover the key features that make these stand out

Engaging and Interactive Lesson Plans

Mangahigh's lesson plans will help you captivate students by fostering active participation and engagement with key concepts. Experience the power of personalised content in your classroom.

Varied Instructional Approaches

Diversify your teaching methods with Mangahigh's versatility. Mangahigh is structured to facilitate the latest pedagogical approaches such as mastery, the flipped classroom, blended learning and growth mindset. Our activities cater to a variety of learning styles and they will foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration among your students.

Comprehensive Teacher Support

Unlock the full potential of Mangahigh with our extensive teacher support. Access detailed guides, lesson ideas, tutorials, videos, and structured learning series to enrich your teaching and elevate student engagement.

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