Ice Ice Maybe

Fast estimation with basic number calculations

Use your estimation and approximation skills to position floating icebergs and help the penguins to safety.

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Curriculum-aligned activities

  • Mangahigh math quiz


    Estimate the result of a calculation by using sensible rounding.

  • Mangahigh math quiz

    Number partners up to 20

    Recall all addition and subtraction facts for each number to 20. Use this to solve problems involving small or large numbers.

  • Mangahigh math quiz

    Number pairs up to 100

    Derive and recall all number pairs that total 100. Add or subtract mentally pairs of two-digit whole numbers (e.g. 47 + 58, 91 - 35).

  • Mangahigh math quiz

    Relate addition to multiplication

    Understand why the commutative, associative and distributive laws apply to addition and multiplication and how they can be used to do mental and written calculations more efficiently.

  • Mangahigh math quiz

    Use percentages

    Find percentages of numbers and quantities (e.g. 10%, 5% and 15% of 80p)

  • Mangahigh math quiz

    Find a fraction of an amount - simple examples

    Find a fraction of a number using division and multiplication. e.g. Find 3/8 of 32.

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