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Decompose numbers using prime factorization

Decompose numbers using their prime factors to defeat the alien invasions.

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Curriculum-aligned activities

  • Mangahigh math quiz

    Short division

    Refine and use efficient written methods to divide HTU by U. Use efficient written methods to divide integers and decimals by a one-digit integer.

  • Mangahigh math quiz

    Factors and multiples

    Find factors and multiples of a number including listing factors in pairs to find all the factors of large numbers. Find common multiples and lowest/least common multiples without the use of the Product of Prime Factors, simple cases only. Find common factors and highest common factor (HCF), including using the term divisor and use given results as an aid.

  • Mangahigh math quiz

    Prime numbers

    Understand the definition of a prime number as an integer with exactly 2 factors and be able to test for a number being prime. Know that 2 is the first prime number and the only even prime number.

  • Mangahigh math quiz

    Find prime factors

    Find the prime factors of two-digit numbers.

  • Mangahigh math quiz

    Product of prime factors

    Know the terms product of prime factors and prime factor decomposition. Use a factor tree or similar method to decompose numbers including writing the answer in index form.

  • Mangahigh math quiz

    Square numbers

    Recognise and calculate the square number sequence up to 144 and also include simple higher values, e.g. 400, 10000. Understand the square roots as the reverse process of squaring. Only consider positive square roots.

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