By Wendy Verdaasdonk
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Get a First Look at Our New Time Telling Game!

This year, we added tons of new activities which made Mangahigh a complete online mathematics resource for primary schools. To stay on track, we have been working on a game for 5 - 7 year-olds as well! In Tick Tock Train, students learn to tell time by helping animals get on the train in time!

gif of gameplay

A Platform for Playful Education

Tick Tock Train teaches students to tell the time in a playful and engaging way. In the game, students select the right time so each animal can board the train. The game is aimed to teach reading an analogue clock.

Kerris Garbutt is one of the Game Designers who worked on Tick Tock Train was asked to share her thoughts: “When the concept of The Tick Tock Train was constructed, I was very excited by all of the potential and character this game has. The music, sounds and animals are adorable and we also have a new game mode: endless mode, where students can keep playing to help cover previous incorrect answers, consolidate their knowledge and even beat their top score. I hope that everyone enjoys this preview release and challenges themselves!”

Screenshot of gameplay

Students can now find the latest version of Tick Tock Train in the game centre on their Mangahigh dashboard. Soon, the game will be mapped to your curriculum so you will be able to assign it to your students. New features will also be added in the near future, such as winning medals and making it accessible to SEND students. Feel free to get on board now and have a play as well; click the button below to try out the game and let us know your train of thoughts.


By Wendy Verdaasdonk