By Alex Cull

30 Days Access to Mangahigh for Distance Learning Maths Amongst COVID-19 School Shutdowns

Although children don’t appear to be as prevalent in the current diagnosed cases, we can all agree safe is definitely better than sorry when it comes to school closures.

With hundreds of thousands of schools closing down internationally, and lots preparing for this inevitability, Mangahigh is working with schools around the world on how to support their distance learning initiatives for mathematics.

Full 30 Day Access to Mangahigh for Schools Impacted by Coronavirus

Being part of the education community, it’s important to us here at Mangahigh that we support all schools and students in any way we can. We are therefore offering full 30 day access to Mangahigh during school closures for any schools who are impacted by COVID-19 so learning doesn’t have to stop*.

This includes 100% of our mathematics content and full reporting dashboard for the teachers and a full account for each student so they can continue their learning from home on any device they have access to. With Mangahigh, teachers can assign and assess students’ performance online and exchange messages with their students in a virtual environment.

We are offering this to all impacted schools who sign-up using the link below. If however, during this time, you discover that you may need longer access please get in touch and we can try and support you further.

During this time, we are also offering free training via webinars for any teachers who need help on how to use Mangahigh for distance learning. You can also check out the video and guide below for more information.

How Using Mangahigh Can Help Online Learning

Mangahigh has always been built with an ethos of collaboration, community and competition. These elements are ingrained into both the teacher and student experience of the platform, and we believe these values are pivotal during this difficult time.

Students who are feeling lonely through school shutdowns can compete in a fun and motivational way, and stay connected with their classmates via the leaderboards. The points earned through completing activities also contribute to the school’s total tally which helps their position on the national leaderboard - encouraging a sense of community and achievement for the school.

Speaking to teachers from closed schools, assessment of students’ performance tends to be the biggest obstacle in their virtual classrooms. Mangahigh’s reporting provides teachers with a comprehensive dashboard of both student efforts and achievements so that teachers can continue to monitor and evaluate their progress.

How to Get Started with Full Access

The list of resources to get you started are shown below, but we are also an email or phone call away if you have any questions.

If you are a school where closure is looking imminent, we strongly suggest creating and distributing your student logins so they are ready to take these home.

We have a support site that explains how to use Mangahigh, including how to evaluate students’ progress and achievements in the mathematical topics you are covering.

We’re Here to Help

Our vision here at Mangahigh is “where every child finds fun in learning”, and in distressing times like these, our drive is more passionate than ever. We want to support teachers with distance learning, but to also ensure that children are supported and have fun along the way. Our impact may be small in the grand scheme of things, but we want to help provide smiles and happiness in any way possible to students who need it.

Get Full Access to Mangahigh

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it:

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it:

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Getting Started on Mangahigh

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Mangahigh Resource Centre

How to Create Student Logins

How to Assign Activities

How to Use Reports

* You will have full access to Mangahigh for at least 30 days. This can be extended at Mangahigh's discretion on a case by case basis depending on the length of your school's closure.

By Alex Cull