By Paul Carter

Maths Content for Ages 5-7

Here at the Mangahigh HQ we have been hard at work on a fundamental redesign of our maths content. We started with a technical overhaul of our best-loved games and giving them a full makeover. Then, we turned our attention to the Prodigi quizzes, and now you see the results of that work - over 200 brand new activities are now available on our platform. These activities have a completely fresh look and feel along with a whole host of new user interactions such as match, sort and numeric input! ​

As this project progressed we felt that we needed to take a different approach for our youngest players. These young mathematical stars interact with digital devices differently, and we wanted to tailor their user experience to facilitate access and engagement to promote learning. And so ProdigiJR was born – specialized content for children aged 5–7 years.

​ ProdigiJR breaks new ground in edtech, bringing together the latest developments in educational philosophy, user-centred (UX) design and technology. So, what’s under the hood? Here are a couple of key features!

Educational rationale

  • Multiple representations of mathematical concepts lead our learners to mastery. We utilise the CPAA approach, exposing learners to similar problems in a variety of formats, aiding their understanding through repetition and deepening.

    This method is at the heart of successful mathematical programs around the world, including the ‘Singapore model’. The four stages are used laterally (in the sequencing of our questions) as well as vertically (in our spiral approach to curricular structure).

  • We have designed and integrated digital manipulatives in our activities, which are intended to mimic real-world learning tools found in classrooms everywhere. Examples include counters, numicon, scales, base 10 blocks and the geoboard. These tools facilitate a constructivist approach – learners are at the centre of their own learning.

  • At Mangahigh we embrace a holistic approach to education, and are especially proud to announce the inclusion of light-touch positive psychology nudges. Leveraging interstitial messaging, which is interleaved within activities, we aim to promote a growth mindset, build resilience and improve the wellbeing of our young players.

​ ​


  • Accessibility considerations are now an expectation from digital products rather than an add-on, and this is something that Mangahigh is heavily focused on. ProdigiJR facilitates both age and ability access, integrated into the platform itself. For example, text content is reduced significantly to lower reading demands and hence cognitive load. Keyboard entry is no longer a requirement for any of our input methods – these are all touch (or mouse) controlled – but keyboard navigation is now supported.

  • A cleaner and simpler interface reduces extraneous visual information, and the new assets and theming provide an endearing and engaging experience for children.


  • Advanced authoring tools now mean that we are able to very quickly generate and edit ProdigiJR content. Multiple activities can now be written for just a few skills, ensuring comprehensive coverage at a very detailed level for any curriculum. Combined with enhancements to our reporting tools, teachers gain access to meaningful data from which they can easily make informed decisions for each of their students. ​ Fancy giving ProdigiJR a go? You will now find a ProdigiJR folder in your curriculum, making it easy to see our newest content as it is released. In the meantime, here is a link to one of the activities for you to try for yourself. ​

​ Happy playing! ​

​ Paul Carter

Product Owner


By Paul Carter