By Alex Cull
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Mangahigh Develops Accessibility for SEND Students

At the end of 2019, Mangahigh received funding from the Department of Education in partnership with Nesta, to make more accessible for SEND students. The EdTech Innovation Fund was introduced to support schools in their effective use of technology and to help teachers in four key areas: formative assessment, essay marking, parental engagement and timetabling.

Throughout the project, Mangahigh will be working closely with specialists, Nesta and several UK SEND schools to implement and achieve the project’s objectives. The project will provide enhanced content and new platform features to make accessible for students with a range of behavioural, learning and physical needs.

Why Accessibility?

The number of SEND children is dramatically on the increase. In 2019, the UK alone saw a 0.5% increase in diagnosed SEND students, accounting for 14.8% of the entire student population. In the USA, one in every ten children is currently being diagnosed with ADHD. These students can be in either mainstream education or specialist schools, however the less fortunate can sometimes fall out of the education system due to a lack of understanding and support.

Mangahigh has already been used in various schools around the world, and the impact on engagement and student outcomes is tangible. It’s therefore the objective of this project to extend these benefits not only to SEND students but also to their teachers.

Alongside the improvements being made to, there is a great opportunity with this project to raise awareness and inspire others in the industry. Working alongside nine other great EdTech companies as part of the EdTech Innovation Fund, the spotlight will shine on all the main challenges facing the teachers and students of today. Mangahigh has decided to take that spotlight and help shine the light on the needs of SEND students and how we can all start to make changes to make a difference.

The needs of children in the classroom differ from one child to the next, and albeit SEND students may have different needs, they can be just as (or even more) capable and talented. They should have every opportunity available to them, and Mangahigh is helping in achieving that goal, in any way that we can.

Mangahigh’s tagline is “where every child finds fun in learning”, and this vision has never rung so true. Whilst the focus has predominantly been on both learning and fun for Mangahigh, now our focus is equally on every individual child.

By Alex Cull