Deepest Ocean

Compare numbers using inequality signs

Take your submarine to the depths of the ocean and use inequalities to catch as many fish as possible!

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Curriculum-aligned activities

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Use <> and =

    Use the symbols <,> and = correctly.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Use negative numbers

    Use positive and negative numbers in context such as temperature and position them on a number line; state inequalities using the symbols < and> (e.g. -3 > -5, -1 < 1) Find the difference between a positive and a negative integer, or two negative integers, in context.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Inequalities on a number line

    Represent the solutions of an inequality in one variable on a number line.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz


    Solve one sided linear inequalities in 1 variable and find max/min integer solution or a list of integer solutions from a set.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Putting whole numbers in order up to 100

    Decide which of two numbers from 1 to 100 is the larger. From a list of integers up to 100, arrange in ascending or descending order.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Recognise place value

    Read, write and order whole numbers, recognising that the position of a digit gives its value and understand the place value of each digit up to 1000.

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