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Read and order numbers using place value

Manipulate the place value to provide the right level of water to help your plants grow and thrive.

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  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Recognise place value

    Read, write and order whole numbers, recognising that the position of a digit gives its value and understand the place value of each digit up to 1000.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Least common multiple and highest common factor

    Use the product of prime factors to find the HCF or LCM of numbers. Draw a Venn diagram to illustrate the prime factors. Use other results that are given in the question.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Factors and multiples

    Find factors and multiples of a number including listing factors in pairs to find all the factors of large numbers. Find common multiples and lowest/least common multiples without the use of the Product of Prime Factors, simple cases only. Find common factors and highest common factor (HCF), including using the term divisor and use given results as an aid e.g. 36=18×2. Simple cases only.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Understand place value up to five digits

    Work with numbers up to 100 000, understanding the place value of each digit.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Order decimals

    Use decimal notation for tenths, hundredths and thousandths; partition and order decimals with up to three places, and position them on the number line.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz


    Solve one sided linear inequalities in 1 variable and find max/min integer solution or a list of integer solutions from a set.

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