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Ordering decimals, fractions & percentages

Order integers, decimals and mixed fractions to help grow and sell award winning flowers, and become top of the crop!

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Curriculum-aligned activities

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Halves and quarters

    Find one half, one quarter and three quarters of shapes and sets of objects.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Equivalent fractions

    Use diagrams to identify equivalent fractions (e.g. 6/8 and 3/4, or 7/10 and 70/100); interpret mixed numbers and position them on a number line (e.g. 3 1/2) simplify fractions by cancelling common factors.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Recognise tenths and hundredths

    Understand and use decimal notation for tenths and hundredths in context [for example, order amounts of money, round a sum of money to the nearest pound, convert a length such as 1.36 metres to centimetres and vice versa]

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Order decimals

    Use decimal notation for tenths, hundredths and thousandths; partition and order decimals with up to three places, and position them on the number line.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Order fractions

    Order a set of fractions by converting them to fractions with a common denominator.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Simplify fractions

    Understand that only multiplication and division can be applied to the numerator and denominator to achieve equal fractions. Change a fraction to its simplest form.

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