By Michelle Kueh

Top 10 Schools – July 2023

Celebrating Mathematical Excellence: Congratulations to our Top 10 Schools in July 2023!

In July 2023, students from all over the world took on challenging maths tasks with Mangahigh, a platform dedicated to promoting mathematics education. These students achieved impressive results that amazed us. We want to congratulate the Top 10 schools for their outstanding performances. Their dedication to maths is clear, and we're proud to have contributed to their passion for the subject.

1. New Indian Model School – Dubai (15572 points)

At the top of our list is the New Indian Model School in Dubai, where students displayed exceptional mathematical prowess, answering over half a million questions! Their commitment to mastering mathematical concepts is commendable, and we celebrate their hard work and dedication.

  1. Scholar Base Academy, Malaysia (7820 points)
  2. Sunnybank Hills State School, Australia (6303 points)
  3. Serpell Primary School, Australia (5901 points)
  4. Bucklands Beach Intermediate (4489 points)
  5. Al-Faisal College (Auburn campus), Australia (4089 points)
  6. Al-Faisal College (Liverpool campus), Australia (4046 points)
  7. Liceo Panamericano Internacional, Ecuador (3361 points)
  8. Al-Faisal College (Campbelltown campus), Australia (3266 points)
  9. Cockle Bay School, New Zealand (2893 points)

The Impact of a Love of Mathematics

We're excited about the achievements of the Top 10 schools that have shown a passion for maths. Mangahigh's goal has always been to make maths fun and accessible through cool maths games and activities , whilst encouraging a growth mindset and utilising the positive aspects of gamification. The dedication of these schools confirms that innovative educational tools can truly inspire a lifelong love for learning.

We genuinely believe that Mangahigh has played a significant role in cultivating this love for maths in these schools. Our interactive and game-based approach aims to make learning maths engaging, pushing students to tackle tough problems and think critically.

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Congratulations again to the students and educators of the Top 10 schools for their remarkable achievements in July 2023. Your commitment to maths is inspiring and reinforces our dedication to providing effective educational tools. We're confident that a love for learning and maths will empower students to excel in their academic journey and beyond. Let's continue to celebrate the joy of learning and nurture the future mathematicians and problem solvers.

Mangahigh has proven to be a game-changer in the realm of maths learning. By offering enticing and addictive activities through its platform, students are falling in love with mathematics like never before.

The commitment to learning, promotion of student learning agency, and the ability to retain information long-term all contribute to fostering a deep appreciation for maths among students. With Mangahigh's cool maths games, maths competitions, and curriculum maths resources, students are embarking on an exciting journey of mathematical growth, setting them up for success in academia and beyond.

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By Michelle Kueh