By Wendy Verdaasdonk
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M-Fluencers Middle East – Who Are the Big Winners?

From March 15th-19th, students throughout the Middle East competed to win points for their school to be crowned the ultimate M-Fluencers. Let’s see who are the big winners!

We’ve had such an amazing competition with so many schools joining in – a big thank you to all of you! The schools combined managed to earn over 400,000 points, which means thousands of Mangahigh activities have been successfully completed. We’re so proud of all the learning that’s been undertaken by the students.

And the winners are…

screenshot of leaderboard

Congratulations to Dhour Shweir Public Secondary School for taking the first place with 144.067 points! That is such an amazing achievement. And a special shout out to all students across the Middle East who earned over 200 points, a certificate will be coming your way.

A big thank you to everyone who got involved with the competition and we’re hoping to see your school’s names on the Mangahigh monthly leaderboards!

By Wendy Verdaasdonk