Pinata Fever

Add and Subtract with Negative Numbers

Keep the party pumping in this fast n’ furious piñata smash-‘em-up! Move along the number line to intercept the descending piñatas, and then whack them for candy. Come on, catch the fever!

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Curriculum-aligned activities

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Use negative numbers

    Use positive and negative numbers in context such as temperature and position them on a number line; state inequalities using the symbols < and> (e.g. -3 > -5, -1 < 1) Find the difference between a positive and a negative integer, or two negative integers, in context.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Add and subtract with negatives

    Perform addition and subtraction with negative and positive combinations.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Multiply and divide with negatives

    Perform multiplication and division with negative and positive combinations and understand why operations involving 2 negatives will produce a positive solution. Understand the idea of reflection on the number line caused by multiplication or division by -1.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Number partners up to 20

    Recall all addition and subtraction facts for each number to 20. Use this to solve problems involving small or large numbers.

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Number pairs up to 100

    Derive and recall all number pairs that total 100. Add or subtract mentally pairs of two-digit whole numbers (e.g. 47 + 58, 91 - 35).

  • Mangahigh maths quiz

    Use < > and =

    Use the symbols <, > and = correctly.

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