Jetstream Riders

Times Tables and numeracy skills

Want to make it as a competitive balloonist? Well, your numeracy skills had better be good. Answer maths questions to make your balloon rise, and navigate tricky obstacles in this addictive multiplayer physics game.

Addition, Subtraction, Times Tables, Division


Game Goals

Fly your balloon, ride the jetstream and get to the Finish Line before the other balloonists. Earn medals by completing each level within the target time, so that you can progress to new more exciting levels and pass them too. Collect coins and customise your balloon in the Shop.

How To Play

Use your arithmetic skills to make your balloon rise, and time your answers so that your balloon stays in the jetstream, where the wind is strongest. It is by causing your balloon to rise and fall according to the path of the jetstream that you will make progress faster. You will need to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to complete all 5 levels and become a master balloonist.