By Shruthi Dhanwanthrary
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Mangahigh Summer School Quest UAE 2020

During this summer, children across UAE can fast-track their learning by completing an extraordinary number of additional activities on Mangahigh, and win special certificates & real Mangahigh medals! Register now to compete and get free access to all Mangahigh’s educational content until 22nd August 2020.

Importantly, students only have access to activities that are level-appropriate - meaning that their heightened efforts actually contribute to their overall mathematics progression! It’s a fun way for children to stay engaged with maths during the summer and keep progressing their skills.

How to Succeed

Mangahigh will assign tasks for the children to complete, that fit their personal learning level. Students must then play these activities assigned to them and can play activities recommended to them. On Mangahigh, successful completion of a mathematics activity is indicated by achieving a Bronze, Silver or a Gold medal.

Mangahigh score board screen

This in converted into 'medal points':

  • Bronze = 1 medal point
  • Silver = 2 medal points
  • Gold = 3 medal points

It is the accumulation of medal points during the competition period that place students on the competition leaderboard. The leaderboard is for all students that register to the Mangahigh Summer E-school Quest 2020, so they will compete with children all over the UAE!

The top 5 students will win Gold Mangahigh Medals which they will receive in the mail! All students who manage to score more than 400 medal points win a special certificate for their amazing efforts.

How It Works

  1. Register via this form
  2. Make sure to read the Mangahigh Privacy Policy and agree to the Terms & Conditions while registering.
  3. We’ll set up a free account for your child. You will receive the login details and next steps within 24 hours via email. Your child can then login to the Mangahigh E-School and start scoring points to win!
By Shruthi Dhanwanthrary