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10 reasons why Mangahigh.com is irresistible for

1. Maths Coverage

Mangahigh is a comprehensive and powerful maths teaching resource offering full coverage of the Australia Curriculum with more than 400 different challenges ranging from addition to quadratic factorisation including Financial Maths, Holiday Loading, and Time Zones

2. Individual Learning Paths
    and 1:1 learning

Students work best when they work at the edge of their abilities, and Mangahigh tempts students with easy tasks and then builds confidence for harder, more conceptual work

3. Teacher-Led

Mangahigh is designed for use in a school context and relies on the teacher to direct and control the maths learning experience for students

4. Formative Assesment

Our industry-leading tools analyse student performance in terms of achievement vs. effort, and also allow you to download these results for use in other packages

Mangahigh is optimised to help you improve NAPLAN scores, and offers score comparison to Australia averages

5. Problem-Solving Maths Games

Mangahigh offers sophisticated problem-solving pedagogy, not rote learning

Learners are introduced to new lessons with scaffolding, and then progress towards applied work, supported by specific hints and worked solutions throughout

6. Social

Students love to compete with each other and
interact with other schools and students online

Mangahigh's Fai-To bilateral competition league for schools gives teachers an extra tool to drive maths interest and activity

7. Teachable Moments

Students want maths help when they use Mangahigh

You will be amazed at how eagerly students listen when the maths knowledge you give them will help them reach a new high score, or win a new medal

8. Simple

Mangahigh’s easy-to-use challenge mechanism mimics your offline class or homework setting procedure

The challenges just pop up in the student interface, and results from your favourite classes appear on your homepage

Getting started is easy as the product just works with any flash enabled PC / Mac. It is also optimised for Netbooks

9. Fun

Students love learning maths when they use Mangahigh

And what teacher doesn't have fun helping eager students to learn new skills?

10. Effective

Mangahigh is a rigorously implemented maths programme that delivers results

“I had the best maths lesson I've ever had in 10
years of teaching when I started using Mangahigh.”

Wally Kokavac, Caloundra Christian College,
Queensland, Australia.

1. Wonderful, Fascinating Maths

Maths is an essential academic skill for all students, and Mangahigh makes the subject more interesting and accessible

Our games and challenges are 100% maths, and they are hard work, but students nevertheless enjoy them.Your students will be fascinated by maths on Mangahigh.com

2. Adaptive

Many students dread maths because they fear they will not be allowed to work at their own level and pace

Mangahigh uses adaptive technology and native games techniques to give slower learners a way into maths, and give more confident students the opportunity to really excel

3. Games and Game Challenges

Mangahigh is a cutting edge new games-based teaching resource, and our ‘games’ contain difficult maths with sophisticated pedagogy

Students love playing them, and will do more maths during a game than they ever could using pen and paper

4. Simple

Students get their own login and their own interface for Mangahigh, with a personal To-Do list

They can easily see what is required of them by what date and they enjoy the process of completing tasks, often earlier or to a higher level than required!

Getting started is easy as the product just works with any flash enabled PC / Mac. It is also optimised for Netbooks

5. Competition

Students enjoy healthy competition, and Mangahigh lets students compete with each other, and other students from around the world

Mangahigh is the home of Fai-To, a thrilling bilateral school competition, and students also enjoy checking their school’s position on the Global Leaderboard

6. Permitted Failure

Mangahigh and games-based learning takes the edge off of maths by giving students the opportunity to make mistakes while they explore a lesson, and then tighten up as they master it

Early failure is the foundation for high scores at a later stage in gameplay, and this same principle is very powerful in introducing students to new maths lessons

7. Maths Support

Students are offered full maths support throughout their experience on Mangahigh

Within Prodigi, students review scaffold learning material first, and can then access hints and solutions for over 40,000 Prodigi questions

Our maths games offer integrated maths help, often dynamically linked to gameplay

8. Social

Mangahigh is a social activity that gives students the feeling of studying with their friends

Students enjoy playing the games together, and class leaderboards, Fai-Tos, and the Firestarter award for early completion of homework give individuals the opportunity for personal prominence while protecting slower learners

9. Fresh

Mangahigh is an evolving platform, and there is always something new for students (and teachers!)

New games launch approximately every 6-8 weeks, and new features launch almost every week

10. Fast Pace

Mangahigh is a fast-paced game environment, and students enjoy working under time constraints

Time constraints keep students on task

Extremely beneficial to support student learning. Student engagement has visibly increased.

CRonnie Alderman, Clare Primary School, South Australia

Students find Mangahigh to be both engaging and motivating. It provides great opportunities for extension.

Terry Moran, Cavendish Road SHS, Queensland

My students really enjoyed playing Mangahigh, especially challenging each other for higher scores.

Emelie Gabbert, Gin Gin SHS, Queensland

There are currently over 7,000 schools worldwide using Mangahigh. Rosebank earned over 2,000 points, and was 2nd on the August 2010 Global Maths Games Leaderboard.  This puts Rosebank students’ impressive achievement into context.

Geoff Dix, Rosebank College, New South Wales