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St. Ignatius College

About the school

St Ignatius College is a co-ed school in Drysdale, Australia, that has built a strong reputation for their success in sport and the performing arts. Colleen Boland is a teacher at the school and helped introduce Mangahigh for 250 students in Years 7-9 and Foundation Level Year 10. Having used other online maths platforms previously, Miss Boland was looking for a resource that would result in higher engagement for her students.

How they use Mangahigh

Mangahigh is used at St. Ignatius College primarily as a homework tool to keep the students invested in progressing their maths skills at home. Miss Boland sets at least 15 minutes of activities on Mangahigh 5 days a week, with a range of Prodigi activities and games to cover different topics. They also use Mangahigh in the class at the beginning of the lesson to help the students tune in to the topic being taught. The difficulty progression of the activities allows Miss Boland’s students to continue their learning even if they are early finishers in the class. The teachers love to use the analytics on Mangahigh, especially the time spent data which they use as a feedback tool for parents. They also use the number of attempts data to discover behavioural patterns, so they can provide support to students who appear to be struggling.


Miss Boland has found that her students are much more engaged and focused when studying maths thanks to their use of Mangahigh. They are highly motivated when using the platform, especially on games such as Sundae Times which provides a friendly competitive game for students to play against their peers. Initially Miss Boland thought the games were gimmicky but, after using them in her classes, observed the positive impact it had both on her student’s engagement and their progress. The badges and affirmations given by Mangahigh on the student platform provide a great sense of achievement for the students and she now has an engaging maths tool she consistently uses with her students.


  • 250 students aged 12-16 needed a tool to engage them more with maths

  • Use Mangahigh as a homework tool and topic introduction in class

  • Reports are used for parent feedback and to discover behavioural patterns

  • Students are more focused and love to compete against each other

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