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Join the Middle East Mangahigh Maths Booster Program For Home!

Fast-track your child’s maths skills and improve their confidence in mathematics with this program. Children all over the Middle East can pair up with a maths buddy or individually complete maths challenges on up to 28th February 2021. All participants will be in the running for some fun prizes to show for their great efforts at the end of the program!

Mangahigh is the world's leading online maths platform for grades 1-10, that is adaptive and personalized to each child's learning needs and caters to their differentiated learning levels in the classroom. Our maths learning tool for home is fully curriculum aligned and uses gamification to keep maths fun and engaging for students.

What is the Mangahigh Maths Booster Program?

Designed to boost maths skills from home, the Maths Booster Program aims to give students a platform to enhance their independent study and take ownership of their learning. All tasks will be level-appropriate - meaning that your child will be challenged at a comfortable, but motivating pace. The Maths Booster Program also has a competition element on, where students will be able to see their position on the Booster Program Leaderboard on the Mangahigh platform.

We encourage parents to register their children with a maths buddy; this can be a sibling or a friend, who will also take part in the program. This format promotes peer-to-peer learning and creates healthy competitive spirit earning points for the Booster Program Leaderboard. It’s twice the fun for the cost of one!

How does it work?

Students individually play activities assigned to them based on specific topics by the Mangahigh team and recommended to them by the Mangahigh AI. On Mangahigh, successful understanding of a maths topic is indicated by achieving a Bronze, Silver or a Gold medal.

This is converted into 'medal points':

  • Bronze = 1 medal point
  • Silver = 2 medal points
  • Gold = 3 medal points

It is the accumulation of medal points during the program period that place students on the Booster Program Leaderboard. All children who take part will receive participation e-certificates at the end of the program to show the amazing effort they’ve put in.

The top student or the top student pair (two maths buddies under one single registration) with the highest points will win a real Mangahigh Gold Medal and all students who score above 400 medal points will receive a special e-certificate!

How to register

A single registration of USD 29/AED 110 can get your child AND a friend/sibling (optional) spots on the Mangahigh Maths Booster Program and full access to up to 28th February 2021.

To take part, follow these simple steps:

  • Read the Mangahigh’s T&Cs HERE
  • Click below to pay, after which you will provide your child’s details
  • You’ll receive your child’s login details within 48 hours
  • Login HERE to begin boosting your child’s maths skills!
Por Shruthi Dhanwanthary