School Report

Arbour Vale School

About the school

Arbour Vale school is specialised in educating SEND students with varying degrees of learning disabilities. The school offers an individualised curriculum for their students, and have collaborated with Mangahigh to make the platform more accessible to SEND students. Arbour Vale has students learning from Early Years to Post 16, and keeps their classes to between 10 to 14 students per class to focus the teacher’s attention.

How they use Mangahigh

Mangahigh is used by a number of students who are excited to work with digital devices. The interactive element of Mangahigh is very engaging and the wide range of difficulty in the activities make it easily accessible to students throughout the school. The ProdigiJR content for ages 5-7, in particular has been created with an eye for accessibility, and is easier to use for a broader spectrum of their students.

Mr Akerman uses the analytics reports often to check the attempts and the medals the students have achieved. From there, he can see where students have struggled and succeeded which helps him assign activities that will help them progress at their individual levels.


Since the text-to-speech function was introduced, the students have found a new sense of independence while learning with Mangahigh. The second school lockdown due to Covid was hard on the students’ mental health and self esteem. James used Mangahigh a lot during that time, as it helped the students learn in a fun and interactive way and they can access the platform by themselves. The students loved using it, and even played on the recommended section outside of assignments as well.


  • Selective use of Mangahigh for students with Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD)

  • Use Mangahigh to help students learn independently

  • The visual aspect helps students to understand the concepts better

  • Piloted the Mangahigh Text-to-Speech function

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