Por Emma Porter

The Reports Dashboard Has Been Revamped!


Assigning activities to your students regularly keeps them focussed on tasks that support/align with the topic currently being covered in class. Please remember, assigning too many activities will impact the students’ pass rate. We suggest assigning two Prodigi and one game activity fortnightly, if not weekly. Then track your class’ progress in real time using the ASSIGNMENT REPORT.

Pro Tip: Enable classroom mode (by clicking 3 dot menu from the class assignments page) when in class to lock students’ free play access so they can only access content assigned by you!


Use the new and exciting CURRICULUM REPORT to track your students’ progression towards the completion of tasks in each strand of the curriculum, based on the focus level you’ve specified for the class. This report will help you direct all the excitement and engagement on Mangahigh on relevant parts of the curriculum.

Pro Tip: To bring this report to life, start by setting the ‘curriculum focus’ for your class. To do this, go to ADMIN > select your class > 3-dots menu on the top right > class settings. If you select Grade / Year 4, then the curriculum report will show you % completion towards the Grade / Year 4 curriculum.


Take a look at your students’ overall medal achievements using this report. When students successfully complete activities on Mangahigh, they earn either a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal depending on the depth of understanding achieved. Each Bronze medal received is worth 1 medal point, Silver medal is worth 2 medal points and Gold medal is worth 3 medal points. The Achievement report aggregates the total medals earned.

Pro Tip: Remember to use the date range filter at the top to narrow your search to the relevant period.


We love it when students show grit and perseverance in their maths learning. Use the EFFORT Report to track the time spent on each activity by each student, during and outside of school hours!

Pro Tip: You can also configure the start and end time for your school. Get in touch with us to find out more.


In addition to activities assigned by teachers, students can progress towards mastery in other activities found under ‘Recommended’ and ‘Browse’ on their student page. Monitor their achievements of these independent activities using this report.

Pro Tip: encourage your students to try each activity at least 3 times to see a huge jump in success rate!

We sincerely hope you’ll find the new data reports valuable. You can access all of these reports on your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Please let us know if you have any feedback, or would like any more information.

Por Emma Porter