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Angles, from basic rules to circle theorems

Solve cunning angle puzzles to help Itzi the spider climb the clock and rescue his family!

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  • Mangahigh number maths quiz

    Straight Line Angles

    Recognise that angles at a point on a straight line total 180 degrees.

  • Mangahigh number maths quiz

    Calculating angles around a point

    Know that angles are measured in degrees and that one whole turn is 360 degrees. Calculate angles at a point.

  • Mangahigh number maths quiz

    Putting whole numbers in order up to 100

    Decide which of two numbers from 1 to 100 is the larger. From a list of integers up to 100, arrange in ascending or descending order.

  • Mangahigh number maths quiz

    Basic angle rules

    Use angles at a right angle and use perpendicular lines. Spot right angles of any orientation on a square grid. Understand the term complementary angles. Also use the rule that angles on a straight line at a specific point sum to 180. Solve problems involving straight line angles. Understand the term supplementary angles. Also use the rule that angles at a point sum to 360. Known as a full turn.

  • Mangahigh number maths quiz

    Opposite angles

    Recognise and calculate with vertically opposite angles. The term 'opposite' will be acceptable.

  • Mangahigh number maths quiz

    Alternate angles

    Understand that when parallel lines are crossed by another line, (interior) alternate angles are created. Solve problems involving the alternate angles including understanding the properties of allied angles, although this term is not examined. The term 'Z' angle is not a sufficient reason for two angles being equal.

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