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Mangahigh Now Has a Complete Digital Maths Offering for Primary Schools

We have been working hard to provide more maths content for students aged 5 - 7 and we are proud to announce that this new content is now live and completes our full primary offering. This means that students can now be taught maths using Mangahigh from the very beginning of their learning journey, even when their reading and computer development are only just starting!

Cartoon image of Mangahigh's alien mascot playing with jigsaw puzzle

On top of the hundreds of curriculum-aligned activities that are already on the platform for ages 7 - 16, we have released new activities for you to explore and assign on the platform for ages 5 - 7. The new content has been designed especially for the littlest learners, incorporating the latest developments in technology and educational philosophies.

One of many ways we have developed these new educational philosophies is by incorporating interstitial messaging to the activities. This way, students are encouraged to see failure as an opportunity to grow, with the goal to develop a growth mindset.

The newest content also has a clean, distraction-free look with limited to no text to make the content accessible for more students. If you’d like to read more about the science behind our new activities our Head of Content Paul Carter has written an excellent article on it, which you can read here.

Why not try a new activity out for yourself?

We hope you enjoy the content and please let us know what you think. Tweet us, send a message on Facebook or email us directly with all your thoughts and questions!

Von Wendy Verdaasdonk