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Parrots and Pirates – Learning Mathematics Through Games

Becoming Fluent in Single-Digit Numbers (1 to 6)

We all know that children enjoy playing games. This board game is a practical way of improving your children’s additions and subtraction skills, and because the game is one of chance, parents can play with youngers with an equal chance of winning so it should be a competitive and fun activity.

Learning Opportunities

  • The game encourages learners to read the numbers 1 to 45 written in figures
  • The number track supports counting so try to count out loud whilst playing the game
  • Learners can practice addition by counting on

The Parrots & Pirates board game is essentially a curved number track. Number tracks are used extensively in early years maths. Number tracks are used in lessons to support children practice recognising and ordering the numbers it also gives children an understanding of the magnitude (size) of the numbers.

Download the board game, dice and counters below. Get you scissors, glue and colouring pencils out and have some fun with it even before you start the game!

Board game image

Download in full colour

Download in black & white

Von Drew Foster