Flower Power Lite

Ordering Decimals, Fractions & Percentages

Grow flowers and harvest them to make money in this addictive order-'em-up. It may look simple but it's fractionally harder than you might imagine. Remember to wait for the bee!

KS2-focused, Ordering, Decimals, Fractions


Game Goals

The object of this maths game is to make as much money as possible by growing and harvesting valuable and exotic flowers.

Use your fractions and decimals ordering skills to correctly order the blooms in the garden, and then harvest mature stems and sell them. Develop more interesting varieties by growing simple flowers and leaving them to pollinate and seed.

New and improved strains will germinate from perfectly-ordered flowers. Balance pollination and harvesting to achieve a high score, and demonstrate your mastery of fractions and horticulture.

How To Play

In your market garden, flower stems will grow from seeds. Blooms grow on flower stems, and each bloom carries a fraction or a decimal.

Flower stems must be ordered with large blooms at the top, and small blooms at the bottom. Order the blooms by clicking on buds at the base of the stem and dragging them into place. Buds will flower into blooms if released, or if not positioned quickly enough.

When a stem grows to its full height of seven blooms, it will stop growing, and the player has the opportunity to either harvest it, or wait and allow it to be pollinated by a bee. To harvest, simply click on the scissors that appear if you mouse-over the stem value displayed at the base of the stem. To pollinate, leave the stem standing, and wait for the bees. When a bee pollinates the flower, it will spread more seeds.

Game Controls

Buds grow at the base of stems, and will eventually bloom in-situ if not dragged. If a bud is dragged to its correctly-ordered position on the stem then it will flower, but if incorrectly positioned it will flower and then wilt, reducing the value of the flower. Once released, a bloom cannot be picked up again. Buds that are already in their correctly-ordered position may be simply clicked to flower immediately.

Each stem has a value that is displayed at its base. The stem can be harvested at any time by positioning the mouse over this value and clicking on it, summoning the gardener. Multiple stems can be harvested at the same time to secure a "Bumper Harvest" bonus: achieve a Bumper Harvest by first clicking on the stem to be harvested that is the furthest to the left, and subsequently on the other stems to be harvested, from left to right. If all stems are harvested at once, a simple daisy seed will blow in, and all exotic flower strains will be lost.


Stems that reach the top of the screen will be harvestable for a few seconds, and then await pollination by the bees. If pollinated, they will turn to seed:

Each time a seed is planted, the player receives a time bonus. However, the value of this bonus is progressively reduced each time it is awarded.

As the game progresses, the likelihood of growing a toadstool increases. Toadstools are high value, but must be ordered in reverse. Red toadstools spawn from roses, pink toadstools from lilies, and white toadstools from orchids.

Flower Varieties

Many attractive and mathematically-interesting plants can be grown in the garden. Flowers are ordered with large flowers at the top, and small ones at the bottom. Fungi are ordered in reverse, with large caps at the bottom and small ones at the top.

Daisies Daisies
Whole numbers and halves
£0.10 per bloom
Tulips Tulips
Whole numbers, halves and quarters
£0.20 per bloom
Roses Roses
Whole numbers, halves and quarters as fractions and decimals
£0.40 per bloom
Lilies Lilies
Harder fractions
£0.80 per bloom
Orchids Orchids
Harder fractions and decimals
£1.20 per bloom
Red Toadstools Red Toadstools
Whole numbers, halves and quarters as fractions and decimals
£0.80 per bloom
Pink Toadstools Pink Toadstools
Harder fractions
£1.60 per bloom
White Toadstools White Toadstools
Harder fractions and decimals
£2.40 per bloom


The value per stem harvested is calculated by the following formula:

a1.4 × b = £ Value per stem

a = Number of good blooms on the stem

b = Wilted bloom discount (50% for 1 wilted bloom, 75% for 2)

In a Bumper Harvest, an additional factor is applied:

a1.4 × b × c1.2= £ Value per stem

a = Number of good blooms on the stem

b = Wilted bloom discount (50% for 1 wilted bloom, 75% for 2)

c = Total number of stems in harvest (two or greater)

Improve your score

Basic Strategies

Don’t waste your time on cheap flowers – grow perfect stems and let them pollinate, so you progress quickly to more valuable flowers and fungi. Balance pollination and harvesting and attempt to keep at least six high-value stems growing at the same time.

Work left to right, ordering one bloom on each stem in sequence, taking extra care when ordering fungi.

Use the Bumper Harvest as often as possible, especially for high-value flowers. For the most efficient harvests, cut stems from left to right. As soon as you hear the end-of-day bell tolling, harvest all of your flowers in one Bumper Harvest.

Comparing Buds

When comparing the numbers on the buds, you may find a number of different strategies useful: