School Report

Davenies School

About the school

Davenies school is a Preparatory School in Beaconsfield, England. The school is full of enthusiastic boys who are generally very motivated to learn. Jack Davidson had used Mangahigh at his previous role, and introduced it again at Davenies as he had such a positive experience before. Mangahigh is used school-wide, for all students aged 7 to 13.

How they use Mangahigh

Mangahigh is regularly used throughout the school as a supplement to their maths teaching. In revision weeks, Mangahigh has a more prominent role, and is used every day to reinforce the students’ learning. The activities fit well within the curriculum, which make it a helpful tool for in-class and at home revision to prepare for end-of-term exams.

To kick off the school-wide use of Mangahigh, Jack organised a Mangahigh Month, where students were awarded every week for their efforts. As Davenies was learning from home at that time, this was a great opportunity for students to collaborate remotely. The school ended up in first place on the national leaderboard at the end of the month!


Mangahigh has reduced teacher workload at Davenies, as the students are provided tailored activities via Mangahigh to suit their abilities. Teachers such as Mr Davidson would previously have to find or create worksheets at different levels himself. Now, students login to Mangahigh and play the assigned work alongside as many recommended activities as they want, which continuously challenges their knowledge.

The students and their parents are hugely positive about using Mangahigh and love seeing the school rise on the leaderboard. The healthy competitive element is a perfect fit for the school!


  • School-wide use of Mangahigh, for ages 7 to 13.

  • Use Mangahigh to reinforce classroom learning and for revision.

  • Students work independently, which helps reduce teacher workload.

  • Organised a month-long kick-off event.

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