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M-Fluencers Maths Quest Middle East & Africa - The Winners!

From 15th until 22nd March 2021, Mangahigh challenged students all over the Middle East and Africa to compete against each other and rise on the international leaderboard. Let’s see who came out on top!

Let’s start by congratulating all students and schools who took part in the competition as the amount of learning that was done in such a short time is incredible! The students collectively earned nearly 300,000 medal points on Mangahigh in just 7 days. That is amazing; all students should be very proud of themselves.

But of course, we want to see the final leaderboard and find out which school earned the most points overall.

The Final Leaderboard

Leaderboard image

Congratulations! What an achievement to end up in the top 10 in all of the Middle East and Africa! A Mangahigh team member will be in touch very soon to send your prizes. All schools with students that reached over 200+ points individually will also be contacted to receive their student certificates.

We’d love to see the students receiving their certificates, so if you have any photos or feedback from your students please reach out to us on social so we can share it with our community! Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. Or you can just send us an email.

De Wendy Verdaasdonk