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Fun, Educational Activities for Children over the Summer

We are so excited about this summer break, the past few months have been demanding of us all, and we know that you, as a parent, have had to support your child even more than usual. Because we don’t want your child to lose all this amazing progress they worked so hard for, we’ve asked for some tips from the parents of Mangahigh on how they keep their child's brain active over the summer.

Starting off with Ritika, a mother to her 6 year old son and responsible for schools in India at Mangahigh: “We always have some cardboard boxes lying around the house. Recently, my son got hooked to this youtube show called Box Yourself where the host makes amazing things out of cardboard boxes. We always have some cardboard boxes laying around so it’s a perfect way to reuse materials into something fun.”

Such a fun idea, reusing your old cardboard boxes to build something new! And while your child is having fun, he actually is practicing his logical thinking skills without even realising it.

Girl blowing bubbles

We asked Ed, dad to his 5 year old girl and project manager at Mangahigh, to share his ultimate summer vacation tip too: “The current coronavirus lockdown has meant our summer plans haven’t panned out quite as we hoped this year. But, with some creative thinking and the wonders of the internet, we set up a festival den in the garden over a long hot weekend and immersed ourselves in mud pie making, fancy dress, yoga, music, face painting, the paddling pool, blowing bubbles, BBQ, campfire stories, fireworks… and much, much more!“

We love this creative solution for a stay-cation. And it develops the children’s imaginative and creative skills as well. You could even practice the alphabet while blowing bubbles (a bubble for each letter) or practice measurement while making (mud) pies!

I - Suruchi - am a mother of two children myself as well, and in the summer I always encourage them to start a new hobby as it's the perfect time to explore new interests and skills. It could be anything from music, sport, or creative arts. This summer my 10 year old is learning to make comics and 5 year old has decided to try out the piano.

Perhaps to relax in the summer sun, your children can try a game where they need to keep their cool! In the Mangahigh maths game Ice, Ice Maybe they need to be quick to help the penguins to safety by working out a whole range of maths problems.

Mangahigh is committed to helping students start the new school year strong. The best way to do so is by helping your children to retain the concepts they worked on this past school year. Let's make the most out of the summer!

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