Algebraic simplification

Journey to 9th century Baghdad, and learn algebra concepts and skills. Isolate the variable in the minimum number of moves, and be the top orb collector in your class. This game is mobile and iPad-friendly.

KS3/KS4-focused, Algebra, Algebraic Simplification, Equations


Do you think algebra is hard? Think again. Our Jabara game will help you build rock-solid algebra skills fast. 180+ puzzling but fun levels with concept introduction and skill consolidation will take you from zero to hero as you solve mysteries and uncover the exotic 9th century origins of algebra.

Game Goals

Algebra is one of the most powerful scientific concepts ever to have been invented by man but its very existence is threatened by the cruel mongols. Travel back in time to 9th century Baghdad and learn algebra concepts to save them for humanity.

How To Play

Manipulate terms, simplify constants and isolate the variable to solve each problem. Do it in the minimum number of moves and win three Golden Orbs. Compete with your classmates to be the top Orb Collector and collect all achievements.