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Dallington School

About the school

Dallington School is a public school in London, UK, and is known to stimulate their students’ creativity with a hands-on approach. Ed Thompson is a maths teacher at the school and uses Mangahigh to make maths lessons at Dallington more interactive and fun. Mangahigh is used school-wide, although Mr. Thompson primarily teaches Year 5 students (ages 9 - 10).

How they use Mangahigh

At Dallington, Mangahigh is used both in class and as a homework tool. Often, a group of students will use Mangahigh as a class warm-up, while Mr. Thompson works with a different group on the same topic. Using Mangahigh makes it much easier to keep the entire class engaged with maths while they are working on different tasks. The differentiation that Mangahigh offers is incredibly valuable at Dallington, as each student can work at their own level and pace in a motivating, colorful and visual environment which encourages them to take on more challenging activities. This way, Mr Thompson’s students spend less time worrying and comparing themselves to their peers and can focus more on the task at hand.


The students at Dallington are much more aware of their learning, and progressing above their expected level when using Mangahigh. Especially for less confident students, Mr. Thompson sees an incredible improvement in attitude and results. The students are focussing on earning points and medals which really helps toward their confidence. They recognise what they’re learning and they can self-assess. Mr. Thompson often gets excited responses from students, as they tell him: “Wow, I didn’t think I could do that! I didn’t think I was good at that topic!” The engagement levels while learning on Mangahigh have exceeded expectations, especially as Mr. Thompson did not expect the children to concentrate as well as they have while using an online resource. The students really took to Mangahigh, and love playing the games and improving their own knowledge!


  • School-wide use of Mangahigh, for ages 5 - 11

  • Use Mangahigh as a differentiation tool, both in class and as homework

  • Reports are used to evaluate class performance

  • Typically lesser performing students are often top of the class when using Mangahigh, which boosts the students’ confidence

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