By Wendy Verdaasdonk
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CIE and IB Curriculum Updates on Mangahigh

The Cambridge International Examinations and International Baccalaureate curricula on Mangahigh are being updated to reflect the latest changes in these key international educational programs.

As part of these updates, the 300+ latest Mangahigh maths activities are also being added and mapped. This means that schools using CIE or IB now have access to extensive coverage for primary school years, including our groundbreaking maths content for students aged 5 - 7! Schools on the CIE curriculum will particularly benefit from this, as we are now covering both primary and secondary school content.

what's new? Updated CIE curriculum, 2019 IGCSE (1-0) 0980. Now including primary and lower secondary content. Updated IB curriculum, new 2021 PYP and MYP. 300+ new Manahigh activities, including content for 5-7 year old

If you’re an active Mangahigh subscriber your dashboard will be updated automatically. The changeover will make it even easier for you to find activities to assign to your students! Not yet using these international maths curricula on Mangahigh but interested to learn more? Please reach out to our team!

By Wendy Verdaasdonk