Math Games at Sacred Heart College Middle School


Merici College

Sacred Heart College Middle School

Merici College
  • 2

    Round 2 Hero

    Jemma H.
  • 5

    Round 5 Hero

    Olivia H.
  • 6

    Round 6 Hero

    Rosalie C.
  • 8

    Round 8 Hero

    Charlotte S.
  • 9

    Round 9 Hero

    Rosalie C.
Sacred Heart College Middle School
  • 1

    Round 1

    Defender Advantage
  • 3

    Round 3 Hero

    Connor D.
  • 4

    Round 4 Hero

    Miki C.
  • 7

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Merici College



Sacred Heart College Middle School


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Star Performers over the last 30 days

Bronze Silver Gold
Jackson K.027
Lincoln E.424
Connor D.305
Daniel H.005
Sebastian P.422
Oliver E.213
Donny M.621
Jack R.113
Jack H.412
Zachary H.122
Top game scores for the last 30 days
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142 attendees played math games in the last 30 days.

Total Medal Achievements

Bronze Medal
Silver Medal
Gold Medal

Fai-To Updates

Fai-To Wins

This school has not won a Fai-To yet.

Fai-To Losses

  1. Apr 16 2014AUMerici College
  2. Mar 21 2014AUUnderdale High School
  3. Mar 10 2014GBSt Josephs Primary
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