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  • Rio Norte Jr High Sep 15 2013

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    Taken from Rio Norte Jr High Sep 15 2013

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    1. Patrick A.
    2. Tara O.
    3. Chris B.
    4. Evan M.
    5. Madison B.

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Grant G.261
Brett W.103
Tyler D.112
Kevin C.202
Anna J.211
Quinn K.301
Chris B.301
Connor D.410
Jack E.600
Ben L.011
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76 attendees played math games in the last 30 days.

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Fai-To Updates

Fai-To Wins

  1. Oct 26 2013USNew Prospect Elementary
  2. Sep 15 2013USRio Norte Jr High

Fai-To Losses

  1. Feb 11 2014GBClayesmore Prep
  2. Nov 25 2013GBLawnswood
  3. Nov 09 2013USSeaman Middle School
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