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Star Performers over the last 30 days

Bronze Silver Gold
Ella C.927
Angus H.323
Sienna S.1030
Thomas W.151
Tasmin M.720
Jayden P.131
Caitlan F.520
Emily H.012
Benjamin H.610
Annette K.800
Top game scores for the last 30 days
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124 attendees played maths games in the last 30 days.

Total Medal Achievements

Bronze Medal
Silver Medal
Gold Medal

Fai-To Updates

Fai-To Wins

  1. 11 Dec 2013AUPeter Moyes Anglican Community School
  2. 31 Oct 2012GBSettle College
  3. 08 Aug 2012AUAberfoyle Park High School

Fai-To Losses

  1. 20 Mar 2014AUCanley Vale High School
  2. 01 Oct 2013USCD Hunking
  3. 23 Apr 2013CADaniel Woodward
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