Math Games at Rideau District High School

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Rideau District High School

Imagine Charter Weston

Rideau District High School
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    Round 2 Hero

    Claire F.
Imagine Charter Weston
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    Round 1

    Defender Advantage

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Imagine Charter Weston



Rideau District High School


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  • Preston Street Primary School Sep 25 2013

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    Taken from Preston Street Primary School Sep 25 2013

    Rounds won
    Round heroes
    1. Madeline C.
    2. Lucas R.
    3. Noah K.
    4. Kara B.
    5. Liam H.

Star Performers over the last 30 days

Bronze Silver Gold
Ryan B.1037
Claire F.128
Julia M.1215
Hope T.015
Katherine W.650
Sarah F.550
Kara B.204
Mike H.123
Leah R.123
Ellen Y.612
Top game scores for the last 30 days
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120 attendees played math games in the last 30 days.

Total Medal Achievements

Bronze Medal
Silver Medal
Gold Medal

Fai-To Updates

Fai-To Wins

  1. Jan 20 2014GBThe Willink
  2. Sep 25 2013GBPreston Street Primary School
  3. Oct 13 2012USLincoln

Fai-To Losses

  1. Feb 09 2014IEBlessington Community College
  2. Dec 22 2013USKulshan Middle School
  3. Oct 15 2013GBMoorlands School
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