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  • Hatzl's 4th grade Jan 21 2014

    Trophy details

    Taken from Hatzl's 4th grade Jan 21 2014

    Rounds won
    Round heroes
    1. Parker F.
    2. Keeden B.
    3. Hanna H.
    4. Tyler V.
    5. Jannik D.
  • LaythamBeaumont Oct 17 2013

    Trophy details

    Taken from LaythamBeaumont Oct 17 2013

    Rounds won
    Round heroes
    1. Keeden B.
    2. Gage S.
    3. Jannik D.
    4. Jordan D.
    5. Keeden B.

Star Performers over the last 30 days

Bronze Silver Gold
Josey H.621
Stasey M.122
Robert B.330
Keeden B.520
Logan F.410
Daylon V.001
Tyler V.110
Jannik D.300
Austin R.300
Carley E.300
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35 attendees played math games in the last 30 days.

Total Medal Achievements

Bronze Medal
Silver Medal
Gold Medal

Fai-To Updates

Fai-To Wins

  1. Jan 21 2014USHatzl's 4th grade
  2. Oct 17 2013USLaythamBeaumont

Fai-To Losses

  1. Mar 15 2014USC. Vernon Spratley Gifted Center
  2. Nov 03 2013AUEltham College
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