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Whole Class Teaching is FREE on Mangahigh.com

On a budget? You have come to the right place. On Mangahigh, you can assign tasks to your class and see all the results absolutely FREE. That’s probably why we’ve had more than 100,000 teacher sign ups! Start today, and see what it’s like to get your students working with the most exciting math games on the Internet, with full analytics, without paying a penny.

Differentiated Teaching is available from only per student on MH.

Ready to go further? A+ Quest is our premium package, and it will help you to support all of your students individually with adaptive learning and additional analytics.

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More than 100k teachers have already signed up to use Mangahigh.com.
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Everything in the basic package plus

  • Individual Student Analytics

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  • Full content access for students

  • Set tasks to individuals and groups within a class

  • Priority access to games server

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Premium Features

Individual Student Analytics

Image of Student Overview page The Student Overview page tells you how a student is performing across all of the lessons they have worked on, not only the current Challenges assigned. Using the student overview, teachers can see a holistic picture of a student, helping them to identify strengths and pinpoint weaknesses within the student’s maths knowledge. The A+ Quest package gives students access to mSensei, an adaptive maths assistant teacher, and students often tend to move on and make additional progress above and beyond work assigned in class. With all this new data, the Student Overview page becomes an essential tool for monitor student activity across the mathematics curriculum

Adaptive Study Recommendations

Image of mSensei section at bottom of page Differentiated teaching is a requirement in classes that comprise a mix of maths knowledge, aptitude and language skills. Every student has a unique set of mathematics study needs, and mSensei, your adaptive assistant teacher, is here to save you time by supporting those needs algorithmically. mSensei analyses how each of your students perform on tasks that you set them, and then suggests work that either helps the student to consolidate their current level of progress, or to extend it.

Full Content Access for All Students

The Lesson Finder Teachers can set work for students across all of Mangahigh’s content at any time, and analyse student performance. However, the students can only see the challenges that you put in front of them. If you want your students to be able to work on material that is particularly relevant to them (for instance if they are revising for exams), then in addition to mSensei, A+ Quest gives your students an A-La-Carte lesson finder that will allow them to find and complete specific lessons they want to study.

Set Tasks to Individuals Within A Class

image of challenge setter With the Mangahigh Basic Package, you can set work to a whole class of students. With A+ Quest, you can set work to individuals, or to a specific group of students within a class. This means that you can allocate work based on its appropriateness to different learner groups, rather than overwhelming your students to-do lists with a large volume of Challenges, some of which may not be intended for them. This simple tool is invaluable to teachers who want to get the best out of Mangahigh.

Progress Report for Students

screenshot of student’s own analytics page Students need to know how they are progressing and whether they are making the required progress towards their goals. With A+ Quest, Mangahigh gives every students analytics on their progress through the curriculum, and allows them to compare themselves to their (anonymised) class colleagues, and national and global averages.